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gloryWill you pass the test? There are two stages of the Christian race and we must pass the test of the first stage to enjoy benefits of the second. Just as the two testaments, one is a shadow of the reality the other represents; one is preparatory to bring us to the hopeless end of ourselves where we realize we cannot access the true riches,  which are entrusted only by God with intellectual prowess or by works. We frustratingly come to the understanding that even Bible study and church attendance does not bring us into the mystery of our inheritance. Only when we become awakened in fervent desire to receive and place value on what God brings to us do we begin to draw virtue from it. God only pours water on the thirsty soul.

When passion for His Presence becomes a grip on our heart, we start to find the finger prints of God, His heavenly signature and sign posts to Christ the Living Word and then begin to enjoy benefits of “the proceeding word”. The proceeding word is hidden manna from heaven revealed, it is rhema and it is that which is done or finished already in the plans and purposes of God. What proceeds from Christ and is revealed is the food of our faith and represents to what depth of fellowship we can ascend with the Father, this depth is a measure of what our hands can touch and handle of our divine inheritance. 

Lord fill me with the glory of your hidden manna in a world starving from lack of divine truth, let your word revealed become the foundation of my worship of Him who speaks beyond the veil that I may become bound to intimate living fellowship with Adonai. My Lord, may I never be content until my ear is glued to your voice and my mind fused with Your mind and the radiance of Your glory fills my heart. Make every sound, the nuances of meaning and force of Christ the Living Word enter into me and set me on my feet ready for my next season. Lord reveal Your glory in me. Selah!