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Faith and obedienceLeaders make people by leading them to truth, guiding them through instruction and by transmitting relevant skills that engender growth in faith – faith in God and faith in who they are in God. No external training can equal personal development and growth in the knowledge of the revealed word of God. The greatest training for success with God is training in obeying or practicing truth.

The Bible says without faith we cannot please God but faith and obedience are two sides of the same coin. Without obedience faith is weak, slow, blind and miserably in a constant drift away from God. Faith feeds on truth and truth only grows with the willingness to obey it. Until a heart is fully committed it cannot comprehend truth. Truth demands obedience and cannot be changed by popular culture, circumstances or current trends. None of these things can gain say or supersede the words of Adonai, which is truth.

Faith is simply a willing obedience to do what God says, it is not positive mental attitude, neither is it speaking boldly through self discipline and confidence mustered from within. Faith always knows the end from the beginning like watching a football match replay when you already know the scores. Faith depends on what you already know before the event, it is having ‘a knowing word’ from God. 

May this be the season when you receive ‘a knowing word’ of God for your life and develop faith for the next season of your life. May it be a time when new thinking will produce new dimensions of faith and vision for your future, may God fire up in you, new courage that overcomes fear and insecurity so you can break new grounds. I pray for divinely ordained spiritual connections to come into your life and enlarge your capacity to love and be creative. That old wine skins will make way for the new in the wine press of God. Receive Grace to avoid the distractions to obedience, tear down strongholds that cloud decision making and find that God-foreordained identity for your future in Jesus name.