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When we first meet Jesus Christ, what we know of Him that draws and enables us to commit our lives to Him is never sufficient for our growth, progress and maturity. Just as a child needs weaning from the mother’s milk our faith must progress from a commitment to His promises into commitment to His demands.

A child understands what a parent can provide but a mature son comprehends what a parent needs. It is possible to acknowledge your faith and conviction and remain unchanged in life and conduct because having a conviction does not equate to change. Knowing what to do does not mean you are doing it. Slothfulness in pursuit of the knowledge of the Son of God produces eternal babes in Christ and the possibility of a hardened heart instead of a mature heart. God wants mature sons who will continue to forcefully advance His kingdom by incessant pursuit of Jesus Christ; those with the knowledge that as High Priest of the heavenly sanctuary He keeps the entrance into the Holiest in God eternally open to as many as would boldly enter in through grace supplied for self-sacrifice and perfect obedience. So Lord help me.