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When we first meet Jesus Christ, what we know of Him that draws and enables us to commit our lives to Him is never sufficient for our growth, progress and maturity. Just as a child needs weaning from the mother’s milk our faith must progress from a commitment to His promises into commitment to His demands.

A child understands what a parent can provide but a mature son comprehends what a parent needs. It is possible to acknowledge your faith and conviction and remain unchanged in life and conduct because having a conviction does not equate to change. Knowing what to do does not mean you are doing it. Slothfulness in pursuit of the knowledge of the Son of God produces eternal babes in Christ and the possibility of a hardened heart instead of a mature heart. God wants mature sons who will continue to forcefully advance His kingdom by incessant pursuit of Jesus Christ; those with the knowledge that as High Priest of the heavenly sanctuary He keeps the entrance into the Holiest in God eternally open to as many as would boldly enter in through grace supplied for self-sacrifice and perfect obedience. So Lord help me.

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Faith and obedienceLeaders make people by leading them to truth, guiding them through instruction and by transmitting relevant skills that engender growth in faith – faith in God and faith in who they are in God. No external training can equal personal development and growth in the knowledge of the revealed word of God. The greatest training for success with God is training in obeying or practicing truth.

The Bible says without faith we cannot please God but faith and obedience are two sides of the same coin. Without obedience faith is weak, slow, blind and miserably in a constant drift away from God. Faith feeds on truth and truth only grows with the willingness to obey it. Until a heart is fully committed it cannot comprehend truth. Truth demands obedience and cannot be changed by popular culture, circumstances or current trends. None of these things can gain say or supersede the words of Adonai, which is truth.

Faith is simply a willing obedience to do what God says, it is not positive mental attitude, neither is it speaking boldly through self discipline and confidence mustered from within. Faith always knows the end from the beginning like watching a football match replay when you already know the scores. Faith depends on what you already know before the event, it is having ‘a knowing word’ from God. 

May this be the season when you receive ‘a knowing word’ of God for your life and develop faith for the next season of your life. May it be a time when new thinking will produce new dimensions of faith and vision for your future, may God fire up in you, new courage that overcomes fear and insecurity so you can break new grounds. I pray for divinely ordained spiritual connections to come into your life and enlarge your capacity to love and be creative. That old wine skins will make way for the new in the wine press of God. Receive Grace to avoid the distractions to obedience, tear down strongholds that cloud decision making and find that God-foreordained identity for your future in Jesus name.

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gloryWill you pass the test? There are two stages of the Christian race and we must pass the test of the first stage to enjoy benefits of the second. Just as the two testaments, one is a shadow of the reality the other represents; one is preparatory to bring us to the hopeless end of ourselves where we realize we cannot access the true riches,  which are entrusted only by God with intellectual prowess or by works. We frustratingly come to the understanding that even Bible study and church attendance does not bring us into the mystery of our inheritance. Only when we become awakened in fervent desire to receive and place value on what God brings to us do we begin to draw virtue from it. God only pours water on the thirsty soul.

When passion for His Presence becomes a grip on our heart, we start to find the finger prints of God, His heavenly signature and sign posts to Christ the Living Word and then begin to enjoy benefits of “the proceeding word”. The proceeding word is hidden manna from heaven revealed, it is rhema and it is that which is done or finished already in the plans and purposes of God. What proceeds from Christ and is revealed is the food of our faith and represents to what depth of fellowship we can ascend with the Father, this depth is a measure of what our hands can touch and handle of our divine inheritance. 

Lord fill me with the glory of your hidden manna in a world starving from lack of divine truth, let your word revealed become the foundation of my worship of Him who speaks beyond the veil that I may become bound to intimate living fellowship with Adonai. My Lord, may I never be content until my ear is glued to your voice and my mind fused with Your mind and the radiance of Your glory fills my heart. Make every sound, the nuances of meaning and force of Christ the Living Word enter into me and set me on my feet ready for my next season. Lord reveal Your glory in me. Selah!

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“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved” Jesus Christ did not evolve out of history,

 He was beyond history, history pointed to His coming and He manifested as a being who cannot be accounted for by the Human race. Jesus was not man becoming God (root of all false religions) but God coming to inhabit human flesh – the incarnation. As we celebrate His birth, be reminded we have the access to be inhabited by that same holy seed from above, we can experience a New Birth, unlike natural birth, this is the yielding of self to God until Christ is formed within and His nature rules and works in us. Redemption is God made manifest in my flesh. 

We celebrate His birth today, let us also celebrate His second coming when history will fade into distant memory at the glory and majesty of His manifest reality, He who was born as The Lamb of God who reigns eternally in Heaven will return roaring as The Lion of Judah. To Him every knee shall bow, either as a survivor living on earth, a saint in heaven or from the gnashing pain of hell. Every soul ever to inhabit this side of eternity will one day proclaim Jesus as Lord. Spend today to remind people to make the right choice so they can proclaim His Lordship from the right place.

To those who are chosen and who accept  Him the return of Jesus is almost a matter of indifference because it will be as natural as breathing, they will pleasantly discover He’s always being there. Jesus I pray today grant me grace for prophetic living that I may be instinctive in working out the purpose of God for my life and become like You divine prophecy fulfilled. Selah! 

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We have a great God so we are to expect the best from Him this month. Grace has been the most important concept throughout the bible (John 1:14-16) but it came into fullness through Jesus Christ and His work of redemption. Jesus was the ultimate revelation of the grace of God. Scripture references:  Acts 4:33, 1 Pet 3:7, John 1:14-16, Zec 4:6-7, Acts 20:32, Acts 14:3 ...

Scripture references: 

Acts 4:33, 1 Pet 3:7, John 1:14-16, Zec 4:6-7, Acts 20:32, Acts 14:3, Eph 2:8-10, 5:21, Deut 23.3, Ruth 1, Ruth 2,

Acts 4:33 says ….. and great grace was upon them all. The Greek word for great here is “megus” which is where the word mega comes from. Mega = colossal. We have a great God so we are to expect the best from Him this month.

Grace has been the most important concept throughout the bible (John 1:14-16) but it came into fullness through Jesus Christ and His work of redemption. Jesus was the ultimate revelation of the grace of God.

Zechariah 4:6-7; For the child of God, no mountains can stand in our way because every mountain can be made plain. Therefore any mountain in the life of a child of God is due to ignorance.

The word of God is the gospel of the grace of God (Acts 20:32, Acts 14:3). As we embrace the gospel of God, we will move into new dimensions in God. 

Grace comprises of two things
1. Man getting what he does not deserve Ephesians 2:8-10 - our good works are like filthy rags and would not lead to our salvation. But God has given us His grace as a free gift. We have a responsibility to accept it. 

  • 2. Man not getting what he actually deserves

Romans  5:21 describes what man actually deserves “the wages of sin is death”. But God’s grace keeps us from getting what we actually deserve. Judgement kills, grace makes alive.

Biographical example of Grace: Ruth

  • In the Old Testament, there was a law that no Moabite was permitted into the tabernacle of the Lord (Deuteronomy 23.3) but because she understood and embraced grace, the law was lifted for Ruth, a Moabite woman, and she entered into the tabernacle of God.
  • Ruth clung to her mother in law (Ruth 1:14). This is a season to cling to the word of life. We cannot play games and give empty kisses (like Orpah – Ruth’s sister in law)
  • Ruth made a consecration (Ruth 1:16).
  • She displayed steadfast determination (Ruth 1:18). This is a necessary character trait that will carry us through and help us deliver our mega miracles.
  • Ruth “happened” to come to the portion of the field belonging to Boaz (Ruth 2:3) – Grace directed her steps to the place of her miracle.
  • God brought her to the notice of Boaz as she embraced grace (Ruth 2:5)
  • Ruth recognised grace when Boaz gave it to her.
  • Other character traits Ruth displayed were her obedience, humility and stableness.

 In the month of May, we will see colossal manifestations through the grace of God.        

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