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Maximum Impact Student Association (MISA) Testimonial
As part of the desire of Maximum Impact Christian Centre (MICC) to positively influence the lives of young people in the North East of England, MICC under the leadership of Rev’d Dr Peter Adegbie and Pastor Mrs Theodora Adegbie planted two Leadership societies called the Maximum Impact Student Association (MISA) in Sunderland and Northumbria Universities. MISA was first established in Sunderland University. Subsequently, MISA was extended to Northumbria University with her opening ceremony on the 17th of April 2013.

MISA has a very clear focus on enhancing the “leadership abilities in students and provide them with skills that would help to maximise their potentials in society”. In order to achieve this well tailored leadership focus, MISA has identified the following key objectives:
• To provide training that will help to develop competencies of good leadership.
• To equip students with various social skills that will complement their academic achievements and help          mould them into well-rounded individuals.
•  To provide a platform for open discussion on various key issues which students encounter in a multicultural society.

Through the support of MISA’s patrons, Dr and Mrs Theodora Adegbie, who are alumni of Northumbria and Newcastle University, MISA has made substantial impact as an agent of change in the lives of young students beyond Northumbria University, extending to Durham University, Teesside University and Newcastle University.
Since inception, MISA has consistently delivered core leadership and enterprise trainings to positively engage and affect the lives of young students in this region. Our core leadership training centres on essential components on leadership, developing a holistic approach to leadership.

Integration to our leadership programme is our solid platform of entrepreneurial trainings. We recognise the importance of equipping students with enterprise skills and capabilities to set up and manage their own businesses after graduation. Additionally, MISA issues certificate of participation to all members who actively participated and graduated from our training programme.

MISA ensures that we use top-notch professionals to provide trainings to our students. We have as part of our trainers, Dr Peter Adegbie and Mrs Theodora Adegbie (LLM,BL) our patrons who are certified lifelong tutors and Leaders of MICC. In addition, we work with Dr Roni AJao, Chief Executive of MRL Public Consultancy Company, National Association of Colleges and Universities Enterprises (NACUE), renowned leadership body - Leadnow and Newcastle Council, Gateheads Council and well-established businesses in the UK provided their expertise in leadership and enterprise trainings.

Northumbria University Student Union (NUSU) recognised the impact of MISA during NUSU societies award night in 2013. MISA was recognised and nominated into the category of “best president”, “best new society” and “best presentation”. Similarly, in 2014, MISA was nominated in the category of “best president” at the NSU society awards night. NUSU acknowledged that, “MISA is heard everywhere in NUSU and they are really making an impact”.

Considering that MISA is a multi-cultural society, we have an alumni branch of the society called the Maximum Impact Alumni Connect (MIAC). MIAC is a networking platform for MISA graduate members. This alumni club provides great opportunities for keeping in-touch socially, sharing of business ideas, job opportunities and visitation when on holiday. Our membership base is from all over the world, spreading from Malaysia, Africa, Caribbean Islands, United Sates, Europe, and Middle East. Wherever you intend to visit in the world, a MISA alumni member is waiting to connect with you! Just ask MIAC, you will be marveled on the number of connect persons awaiting you!.