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What WE DO

As a bible based believing church, we have a schedule of activities such as bible study, prayer meetings, music and worship meetings, evangelism etc targetted to the total development and practice of the Christian faith as modeled by Jesus Christ. Click here for a full schedule of our activities

Through our Adullam Project we provide food to people in need within the city of Sunderland. With the support of our partners we have been able to supply food parcels to a number of individuals and families across the city, with basic foodstuffs to last between 3 and 7 days. Click here for more info on the Adullam Project.


This is an initiative targetted to improving skills necessary for employment and business routines such as numeracy skills, computer skills, business skills, Job interview preparation etc. The Southwick Employability Training is funded by Gentoo Group Limited and Church Urban Fund (CUF). 

This is the Maximum Impact Student's Association  has a very clear focus on enhancing the “leadership abilities in students and provide them with the necessary skills that would help to maximise their potentials in society”. MISA also aims to provide students with social skills that will complement their academic achievements. Click here for more information on MISA.

The Maximum Impact Leadership Academy is our leadership training programme focused on developing leaders that will make maximum impact with Christ like maturity. This training offers great training resources, profound insights into the daily application of the Word of God and physical manifestations. Click for more information.


In life there are personal challenges that are very real and potent enough to distract anyone from their true purpose in life. When you don't have the love and attention that can offer you strength in the midst of confusion and depression, several dangerous options may be contemplated. We are here to listen, share, pray, guide and support you in love without judgement.