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 Employability Training
Employability Training
The Employability Training is Maximum Impact Leadership Academy (MILA) Project which seeks to provide clients with employability and business skills that can help them be more competitive in the Job market. The vision is to provide the unemployed with suitable skillsets required to secure jobs in their chosen area of interest. The employability training is funded by the Big Lottery community fund and Rank Foundation.


CV/Resume preparation

CV/Resume preparation

  • Know what information should be contained in a CV 
  • Formatting  your CV for the job 
  • Understanding the relevant skills required in a CV
  • Writing a personal profile
Conducting online Job searches

Conducting online Job searches

  • How to find Job sites
  • What Job sites are relevant to specific preferences
  • Configuring job alerts
  • Completing and Submitting Job applications
Preparing Cover letters

Preparing Cover letters

  • Why Cover letters?
  • Understanding prospective employer's expectations 
  • Drafting cover letters
  • Putting the pieces together
Literacy improvement

Literacy improvement

  • Learning to read
  • Improving volcabulary
  • Effective reading
  • Reading aides
Interview preparation

Interview preparation

  • Looking the part
  • Conducting yourself at an interview
  • The power of body language and poise
  • How to respond to questions
  • Interview simulations 

Computing and Cyber Interaction

Computing and Cyber Interaction

  • Computing Technology Appreciation
  • Building Computer usage skills
  • Understanding what makes up the cyber world
  • Safety and Security concerns using ICT
  • Word processing, Spreadsheets, Graphic editing etc
  • Social media
Work place and business etiquette

Work place and business etiquette

  • Understanding the dynamics of work/business places
  • Following protocols and procedures
  • First and lasting impressions
  • Manner of approach
  • Formal and informal conduct
Self-confidence and leadership skills

Self-confidence and leadership skills

  • Essentials of Self Confidence
  • Working in a team
  • Handling responsibilities
  • Understanding leadership roles and mindsets 
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Handling pressure
Starting and Running your Business

Starting and Running your Business

  • Developing a business plan
  • Requirements of starting and running a business
  • Understanding taxes and regulations
  • Improving and Growing your business
  • Online visibility for your business
  • Effective book keeping and reporting
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