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Maximum Impact Chrisitian Centre (MICC) Chapel of light is a Christian Faith based Organization established since 2nd October, 2005 and located in the beautiful city of Sunderland, North East of England. As a church, we have a mandate from God to Raise Agents of change, men and women who will maximise their gifts and talents and through Christ like maturity take the light of the Gospel to others. In MICC Chapel of Light, our love knows no bounds and we are delighted to welcome you to the place where love is king and where the gospel of Christ Jesus is preached without compromise. As our special guest, we are committed to praying for you and loving you unconditionally. Through the years, God has given us the privilege of engaging with the community at various levels to contribute positively to the spiritual, physical, professional and emotional wellbeing of the people we come in contact with. We do this through our regular church programmes, special capacity building events, food bank outreach initiatives and special spiritual counselling sessions.  Our prayer as you visit us online is that the God of all grace who loves us all so dearly will reveal Himself to you in every area of your life and guide you into a full understanding of your divine purpose on Earth. Please come and be our guest anytime you are oppurtuned as our doors and hearts are wide open to receive you during any of our church service days on Wednesday 7pm and on Sundays 10am. In the meantime, please feel free to navigate our website for further information and we look forward to hearing from you via our contact page and please follow us on twitter, facebook, instagram or google +. All our contacts can be found on our contact us page. Godbless you.



The church started with a membership of five (5)-Nelson Williams, our children (Daniel and Deborah – Divine) and the founding Pastors

2009-2011 BEDE TOWER

First ever in-house fund raising for the purchase of our own building- Pastor Clem Esomowei at our 'In His Presence' Conference in March 2009.


For three months while negotiations were going on to purchase our own Church building, we were guests at the Sunderland Marriott Hotel and we always remember to appreciate the management of that splendid Hotel for their kindness and hospitality while we were there

2008-2009 ST GEORGE’S

Early morning prayers - Start Your Day with Jesus, Marriage WOW conference, Praisefest and Holiday Club commenced

2011-2012 ST. MARKS

Sweet fellowship with both Rev Olaf Erickson and his congregation

2012 FORMER ST. COLUMBA (Now Chapel of Light)

In 2012, through the leading of God, we purchased our own church building located in South Wick, Sunderland SR5 1RU formerly known as the Famous St Columba Church established since 1885 with great historic value whose parish centre was opened by Her Royal Highness, Princess Diana, the Princess of Wales in 1990. 

In the beginning

Dr. Pastor Peter & Pastor Mrs. Theodora Adegbie
 On June 9th 1997, Dr Mrs. Rita Endely-Regional Director at the Commonwealth office came into our house in Uganda – as a near total stranger. When we began to pray she proclaimed seeing us writing all over Europe with a golden pen.Like Sarah, we laughed and dismissed her words. Justifiably so, we had voluntarily chosen to pack up our careers as Company secretary/ Legal adviser and CEO of SPICA films to serve God and humanity volunteering to be among the first set of missionaries to be sent to Africa by an African mission.
The needs in our country of assignment were great– AIDS was ravaging, orphans, widows and various other needs were looming challenges. “Europe does not need us, we’ll visit, as in the past, when we need to.” “Not so” said God. After we received the call we served on four or five other missions but this matter kept coming up.
In fact, right on the heels of this encounter, on January 4th 1998, Bishop Oyedepo commented, while sending us out to the Ilorin mission, that a man who should be writing internationally should not be left in a village. It was a comment that struck a chord with us and the Holy Spirit in diverse ways kept bringing it back to us. This takes me back to the beginning – our courtship days – we had committed ourselves to kingdom service at weekends in addition to our thriving careers. We planned to organize weekend missions to villages around Lagos, to give people provisions, organize crusades and plant churches.
This took off as we formed the Kingdom Occupiers with our friends – now Pastor and Pastor Mrs Adeyemo (Finance Gurus at the time), Pastor and Pastor Mrs Steve Gbuji (who were also in business then). Today the God who sees the hearts and does exceedingly abundantly beyond what you could ask or think has confirmed this scripture literally in all our lives. By 19th January 2001 the reminder call came strongly to me in the midst of worship but I argued that I was already following someone who has obtained, quoting scriptures back to the spirit of God to justify my recalcitrance.
A good friend – Peter Iriah - perceived this struggle and offered to pay for a retreat at Obudu Cattle Ranch to enable me clarify this assignment but I turned down the offer and continued to serve; then the stern warning came in November 2002 as I went on a 3 days retreat before a zonal crusade; God said “Don’t love your master more than me, don’t love your family more than me for I am a jealous God.” This was a stern reminder of God’s clear call to follow Him. God had said to me at the all night prayer meeting when the call came strongly, “Follow me, like Abraham I will be showing you where to go.” This was clearly an apostolic call.
For three months we prayed and prepared with three faithful Pastor friends who devoted time, resources and love to intercede with us. We received very clear and frighteningly accurate instructions for the mission take off; for example we were instructed to first go back to school (this did not seem reasonable or relevant having graduated 20 years before and had acquired vast and enough work experience) and wait for divine timing to start the mission. Within the first two hours of arriving in Newcastle I was offered a scholarship at the University that I was unaware of and that I had no applied for. God is great indeed.
We finally arrived in Newcastle on the day Reverend Dr. John Ameobi was being ordained to take up the pastorate of the Newcastle Apostolic Church. God from that day brought us together. Revd. Ameobi introduced us to the Apostolic Church and on July 29, 2004, invited us to assist them in their new Newcastle assignment while we await the signal to start the mission that brought us into the UK. We initiated the Breakthrough Night at the Apostolic church on 8th October 2004 and the bond of love and family grew.
The signal came in 2005 and Sunderland Chapel of Light was inaugurated with family and friends in attendance on 2nd October, 2005; Pastor Howard Chiplin a prophet in the body of Christ preached at the inaugural service. In nine years we have moved from Crowtree Leisure Centre to St. George’s URC in 2008, to Bede Tower, Ashbrooke in 2009 and St. Marks Millfield in 2011. In July2011 God led us and by His grace enabled us to purchase former St. Columba’s Church outright. For three months while negotiations were going on we were guests at the Sunderland Marriott Hotel and we always remember to appreciate the management of that splendid Hotel for their kindness and hospitality while we were there.
Today we are crossing into another level of glory, from celebration to celebration. We enter a season when the glory of God will shine brightest in the darkness of this world.

Isaiah 60Living Bible (TLB)
Arise, my people! Let your light shine for all the nations to see! For the glory of the Lord is streaming from you.
2 Darkness as black as night shall cover all the peoples of the earth, but the glory of the Lord will shine from you.
3 All nations will come to your light; mighty kings will come to see the glory of the Lord upon you.
4 Lift up your eyes and see! For your sons and daughters are coming home to you from distant lands.
5 Your eyes will shine with joy, your hearts will thrill, for merchants from around the world will flow to you, bringing you the wealth of many lands.