Far Above Rubies



The Ladies fellowship called Far Above Rubies of MICC commenced on 7th January 2007. A charge was given to explain the name of the fellowship by Pastor (Mrs) Theodora Adegbie from Proverbs 8:11, 31:10; Job 28:18.

Vision: We must aim to be and produce agents of change triumphing by grace. We are Christ centred Ladies of inestimable value manifesting the pure wisdom of God in every facet of life.

Activities and Focus:
  • 1. At every meeting we shall dedicate time to prayer and bible study looking at the portraits of formidable and wise women from the bible – Rahab, Ruth, Abigail, Hannah, Lois. etc
  • 2. Monthly, we shall pick prayer partners who will call on one another by phone share their discoveries in the scripture, meet at least once to pray together.
  • 3. Women must get involved quietly in church life, call on those who miss church, help young ladies and help with the children.
  • 4. Activities: Include- Baking, Social Etiquette, Cooking, Interior Decorations, Child Birth & Care, Fashion, Financial Management, Best prices etc.

Other Activities:
  • 1. Thrift Club
  • 2. Café/ free food day
  • 3. Day care/ Child Care
  • 4. Books and tapes/cds/dvds exchange