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As part of the desire of Maximum Impact Christian Centre (MICC) to positively influence the lives of young people in the North East of England, MICC under the leadership of Rev’d Dr Peter Adegbie and Pastor Mrs Theodora Adegbie planted two Leadership societies called the Maximum Impact Student Association (MISA) in Sunderland and Northumbria Universities. MISA was first established in Sunderland University. Subsequently, MISA was extended to Northumbria University with her opening ceremony on the 17th of April 2013.

MISA has a very clear focus on enhancing the “leadership abilities in students and provide them with skills that would help to maximise their potentials in society”.

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Well Tailored Leadership Training - MISA Approach.”

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  • In order to achieve this well tailored leadership focus, MISA has identified the following key objectives:

    • To provide training that will help to develop competencies of good leadership.
    • To equip students with various social skills that will complement their academic achievements and help mould them into well-rounded individuals.
    • To provide a platform for open discussion on various key issues which students encounter in a multicultural society.

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MISA Course Outline

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Introduction to MISA

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